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Jumbo refinance with No Equity? No Problem!

Questions?  Call Richard Simpson 404-919-7545

No Equity? No Problem!

 Our special program can increase the equity in your property and reduce your monthly payments by as much as 50% FAST! Your ID code is 1006 for either Commercial or Residential

Our special program is now available in ALL 50 states and has helped thousands of people just like you reduce their monthly mortgage payments and take their propertyfrom being a money-losing liability to an investment-worthy ASSET! Your ID code is 1006 for either Commercial or Residential

  • Loan Payoff and Refinancing in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Keep your property and drastically reduce your total debt!
  • Gain thousands of dollars in equity!
  • ABSOLUTELY No Hidden Fees or deposits required

IF you can answer Yes to any of the following Richard Simpson can help you TODAY:

  • Are you current on your payments, but have no equity or are upside down?
  • Do you have an impending balloon payment, and can’t get refinanced?
  • Coming out of pocket every month to support the payment on your income property?
  • Do you need to LOWER your debt and REDUCE your monthly payments?
  • Are you just plain old tired of owing more than your property is worth and you want to do something about it?

How We Work!

 When you come to us expect to have things move very quickly! Our team is comprised of seasoned experts who specialize in buying luxury mortgages from the banks in bulk and passing the savings off to you.

CASH is KING and we have lots of it!!

What’s in it for YOU:

  • Keep your good credit (No strategic defaults or foreclosure)
  • Keep FULL OWNERSHIP of your property
  • Immediately GAIN equity in your property
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments by up to 50%!!
  • Insure your property is a POSITIVE investment

 What’s in it for US:

  • Our real-estate portfolio grows and this allows us to leverage the value of our thousands of properties to buy more real-estate. 
  • We purchase mortgages at a discount so we profit by buying in bulk
  • We only work with clients with good-to-great credit so we are never in fear of our clients defaulting

Jumbo loan for borrowers with credit scores under 500 are available here.

Are you a Worrier or a Warrior ?

My web site:

My web site:

by Sunil Bali, 13-07-14 Life's achievers "suffer" from two conditions:
  1. Selective short term memory loss (SSML) and
  2. Post traumatic growth (PTG)
After last weeks Wimbledon final, Novak Djokovic said he won because he managed to forget the fact that he had lost his last three grand slam finals, and a 5-2 lead with a match point in the fourth set.   Arguably the most successful golfer ever, Jack Nicklaus, said that, "Golf is mainly played on a five-and-a-half-inch course. The space between your ears. Whether your last shot was perfect or pants, you have to forget about it."   Elite performers rarely indulge in self-flagellation. When things go wrong they're able to induce short-term memory loss, dust themselves off and move forward. When JK Rowling was at an all time low, she had an epiphany and realized that she could fall further into despair and keep blaming her parents or step forward into growth. As she said in a recent interview, "There is an expiry date for blaming your parents for steering you in the wrong direction."   Dr. Stephen Joseph, author of the book, "What Doesn't Kill Us: The Psychology of Post Traumatic Growth", says people who achieve success through post traumatic growth come out of the other side stronger, wiser and more compassionate than those who have success thrust upon them. All us humans were born as warriors not worriers, but for many the warrior in us has become buried under a mountain of learned negativity. As William Henley said in his wonderful poem Invictus: "It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul."   So what's it to be: worrier or warrior?     Humor Pure, comedy genius in the shape of the inimitable Dave Allen: would you Adam and Eve it (5 min video) A moth goes to see a podiatrist.... Podiatrist: What's the problem? Moth: I'm feeling really low. I don't know what I'm doing with my life. My wife's left me, my kids never visit me and my mother died last week. I've got a job I hate, no real friends and I worry all the time. I can't sleep, keep hearing noises and feel exhausted. Podiatrist: You need to see a psychiatrist. Why have you come here? Moth: Your light was on.   Sunil Performance Coach, Speaker and Author

5 secrets to maximize profits on rental homes

Call Richard for more information 404-919-7545

Call Richard for more information 404-919-7545

Landlording ain't easy but it's necessary RealtyTrac reported that the percentage of all-cash buyers has soared in the past year, with 42.7% of all U.S. residential property sales in the first quarter all-cash purchases, up from 37.8% in the previous quarter and up from 19.1% in the first quarter of 2013. (This is the highest level since RealtyTrac began tracking all-cash purchases in the first quarter of 2011.)Individual and small investors are a big swathe of homebuyers these days, moving in and buying up homes with cash even as the institutional investors are taking flight. Meanwhile, institutional investors are walking away from housing. Institutional investors — entities that have purchased at least 10 properties in a calendar year — accounted for 5.6% of all U.S. residential sales in the first quarter, down from 6.8% in the fourth quarter of 2013 and down from 7% in the first quarter of 2013 to the lowest level since the first quarter of 2012. So who are these cash buyers? “Strict lending standards combined with low inventory continue to give the advantage to investors and other cash buyers in this housing market,” said Daren Blomquist, vice president at RealtyTrac. “The good news is that as institutional investors pull back their purchasing in many markets across the country, there is still strong demand from other cash buyers — including individual investors, second-home buyers and even owner-occupant buyers — to fill the vacuum of demand left by institutional investors.” So to help out those newly minted landlords and the mom-and-pop operations that are growing, here are five ways to maximize your returns on rental housing, courtesy BiggerPockets blog. 1) Decrease vacancy even if it means cutting your rent Maximize profits by minimizing vacancy sounds obvious, but the strategies to do it are not easy. Every month of vacancy costs you 8.3% of your potential yearly revenue, so you would be better off renting every property one month faster for 5% less rent, two months faster for 10% less rent, and so on. I once had a vacancy problem that cost me almost six months in rent. By my calculations above, I would have made out much better if I had lowered rents by 30% and found a good tenant immediately! Of course, I was not expecting such a problem in the beginning. 2) Minimize turnover The price of rent is not the only factor involved in tenant retention. The other key that is in your control is customer service. Whether you personally manage your properties or have a property manager, make sure that your tenants are treated with respect and professionalism, their concerns are valued, and matters are dealt with urgently and to their satisfaction. A good tenant/landlord relationship keeps tenants from thinking about moving. 3) Increase rent, strategically Once you have acquired a tenant, there is a cost for them to move. If the value of their current rental is significantly better than the value of a new rental plus the cost of moving, you still have the upper hand. Make sure that you know the rents in the area, researching sites such as Zillow, rentometer, Craigslist, and the MLS if you have access. You may find that there is plenty of room to increase your revenue a small percentage each year (1-3%) while remaining competitive, and there is no reason to give this up. 4) Be prompt about late fees Showing kindness and respect to your tenants does not mean being a pushover when it comes to rent collection and late fees. Collections are not the most enjoyable part of being a landlord, but are an essential part of running a profitable business. Make sure that your tenants understand that this is a business, they have signed a contract, and it is your job to complete this transaction, following the contract and all applicable laws 5) Add revenue streams If you are particularly entrepreneurial, you may even find additional revenue streams in your SFRs. An idea that I have had is to offer house cleaning and landscaping services to my tenants at the time they sign the lease. These are responsibilities that they have per the lease and may not be excited about taking on. Basically, you become a one stop shop for taking care of their home. You can negotiate the rates of independent landscaping and cleaning services, contract them out, and collect a fee as the contractor. For instance, if a cleaner agrees on a $75/month fee, you may offer the service to your tenant for $85/month, increasing your annual revenue by $120. Richard Simpson Office  404-919-7545 Direct Line:     404-788-4420 e-Mail: My web site:   Please LIKE my FaceBook page at: Join our Investment club:

The best ways to understand the true value a Commercial property?

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Fast and simple business funding

Funding Made Simple
Thank you for visiting Private Money Exchange, the fastest growing Private Money Company in the Nation! Fill out the form on the right side of your screen to get a copy of our 7 Steps to Fast Funding Every Time e-Book and Audio Training and tell us a little more about your goals with Private Money Exchange. 
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peer to peer marketplace Our elegant peer-to-peer lending network allows real estate investment borrowers to select investors and helps hundreds of real estate professionals begin the process of building or rebuilding their portfolios. Our Borrowing Network: We literally have an unlimited supply of capital available to fund great deals! Not only that, we have50 years of combined, expert experience to help you take your deal from mediocre to fantastic.
We Network with Investors
Investment Deals "Absolutely fantastic! I have never worked with this type of lender before, however, they have made a believer out of me. I had waited almost 120 days for a conventional loan, and this occurred in exactly the amount of time quoted....2 weeks! I am so happy with this team!!" ~ Ruby Wright
Borrowers and Investor do it again "My experience has been Great. I can apply for more loans AND refer them to the people I know. We were really pleased with the results, especially because the process was fast." ~ George Medina
Investing Market "I've learned I can get short term capital when needed. We found that an out of state lender can be more responsive than local banks." ~ Glen Rich
Our Investor Network Our Investor Network: Are you looking to receive a higher yield on your money than you are currently getting in your 401K, IRA, the Stock market, or your retirement account?Do you want to make up to double digit interest on low-risk, high-yield investment?
One Deal at a Time As you may know, funding is the most noted challenge in today's real estate investment market. Although lending and liquidity are the lifeblood of every business, government intervention and subsequently bank's tougher credit restrictions have all but dried up the lending sources to many small businesses and real estate investors throughout the United States.
borrowers and investors
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RE News :: Why Do You Need to Know About Credit?


As you go about considering a long term investment in real estate, do not forget that you need to take necessary precautions to ensure that the best outcome happens on solid grounds in real estate investments. This includes clearing credit histories and keeping good credit ratings.   The only industry that survived the direct implications of the worldwide economic crash that plagued leading countries till recently and continues to do so in a subtle way, was real estate market. All those of you who have been involved in real estate deals till recently must have noticed that however slow the process has been, the market has still seen sale and purchase of properties. One of the main reasons why the real estate business has thrived in spite of the economic crash-down is the fact that banks have come up with selling those houses seized in bankruptcy cases. Talking of bankruptcy, we come to the most important topic of our discussion. Do you know that many bankruptcies have resulted due to incomplete financial transactions and have led to seizure of the buyer’s property? So yes, you definitely need to take complete care in ensuring that none of those houses being sold after bank seizure result from you going bankrupt. Remember, at the core of every successful long term investment, lies clear credit history. As you go about considering a long term investment in real estate, do not forget that you need to take necessary precautions to ensure that the best outcome happens on solid grounds in real estate investments. This includes clearing credit histories and keeping good credit ratings. Yes, many governments and banks have specific mention of the permissible credit rating of the buyer. Therefore, you actually need to ensure that your financial history falls in the permitted credit ratings. Also, basing on your credit ratings and history, you may be able to avail rare offers or tax concessions as permitted under certain jurisdictions. Thus, at all costs you need to make sure that you are aware of your credit ratings. A bonus comes when you work towards improving the credit ratings and can enjoy rare real estate deals thereby.

5 Ways to Lead Like Jesus:

5 Ways to Lead Like Jesus!

The best leader who ever lived was Jesus!  Here are some of the ways in which ordinary people can be extraordinary leaders in their organizations and daily lives by leading like Jesus.
Many Followers, One Leader!
  • Use influence to lead people and not your position or title
  • Build relationships with the people who follow you
  • Be a servant leader who delivers results
  • Be committed to developing and growing the people who follow you
  • Represent yourself as a leader to gain respect of those who follow you
These are 5 steps toward becoming an elite leader like Jesus.  It's not easy being a great leader and fewer people can lead with respect.  If you want to lead people and be great at leadership then, follow the highest leader and learn from him.  We all know how the story goes, Jesus recruited 12 disciples and none of them were perfect.
The four most common flaws of his Apostles were betrayal, abandonment, unbelief and confusion.  But, Jesus was such a great leader that he could use their gifts and talents despite their flaws.  Great leaders want their followers to grow because it's good for the organization and good for developing better leaders.  Think about this: what have you done to make people want to follow your lead?  Put your leadership to the test by practicing these 5 steps and improve your leadership skills.

Top 10 Reasons Why Good Employees, Sometimes Fail:

Top 10 Reasons Why Good Employees, Sometimes Fail:



  1. You didn't get support and leadership
  2. You're smarter than your boss
  3. You're being harassed and/or discriminated against
  4. You stand up for yourself and others
  5. You don't play office politics
  6. You're a whistleblower
  7. You do the right thing
  8. You don't fuck your boss
  9. You were set-up to fail
  10. You were hired for the wrong job
1.) When good employees don't receive adequate support and quality leadership, it's like buying a nice piece of steak without knowing how to cook it.  Good employees need training, support, mentorship and guidance to succeed. 2.) This isn't always the case but, consider the fact that you're just smarter, more educated and have more experience than your boss.  Great bosses and leaders encourage having smarter people around them.  Dumb bosses feel threatened and become paranoid that you will take their job.  In this case, the best thing to do is start your own company (I did).
3.) The most serious cause of failing a job is because you're being harassed and/or discriminated against.  There is legal protection against this behavior and you should notify your H.R. personnel immediately if, this is happening to you.  4.)  Sometime bully's make it out of the playground and into the workplace.  If, you find yourself standing up to a bully or protecting someone else from a bully that is the right thing to do.  You don't need a job that accepts bullying in the workplace and doesn't correct it, move on.  5.)  You don't play office politics is a big one!  This is the reason most good employees burn out and become bad employees in a heartbeat.
6.) Whistleblowers are important employees that should be protected.  If it wasn't for Whistleblowers Enron and people like Madoff would never get caught.  7.) Doing the right thing might contradict company policy and procedures.  You're the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror every day so,  make a choice and live with it.  8.) Good employees don't fuck their way to the top of the corporate ladder, you can do better than that...seriously!  9.) Sometimes you get a dream job and realize it's a damn nightmare (that's happened to me)!  That's not always your fault and perhaps, you were set-up to fail because management needed to blame their problems on you. 10.) I like this one because this happens to many folks, you were hired for the wrong job.  It's a mismatch and wasn't a good fit for your skill set.  There's no need to worry, just keeping searching for the right job or do what I do and create one.

Real Estate Income Magazine for upcoming issue.

Real Estate NewsGreat interview with +Ron LeGrand for Real Estate Income Magazine for upcoming issue.  Free download at #realestateincomemagazine   #magazine   #reincome
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