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Your Partner to Success

Real Marketing


Learn how to Make, Save or Lend money daily

Business line of credit

Call 404-919-7545 to earn more

Choose a Package

 The Best Friend ("BF") VIP Program: $39.95 today (includes your RE Visa paycard) and $39.95 monthly thereafter.

+ Sign up now only $39.95! (Normally, $259.00) + "Free" RE Visa Pay Card (Normally, $20.00) + "Free" $149.00 registration fee to the First RE National Party! + "Free" RE Certification Course! (Normally, $29.95) + Get 159 REwards Points (normally only 39 points) + Grandfathered in at Level 7 in Fast Start Comp Plan for 30 days (from enrollment date)!!

Welcome to RE 24/7/365. As a BF VIP you can:

  • Enroll new energy customers and earn commissions and bonuses
  • Enjoy travel benefits, book travel, and earn travel commissions, all through RE's new and exclusive "RE Travel Concierge"
  • Assist businesses in obtaining capital financing
  • ... and can build a team of BFs and Reps.
As a BF VIP you will also receive VIP sales and marketing tools, personalized RE-hosted websites – One to market your RE Business Opportunity, and one to promote your retail sales. And, you’ll get your own RE Back Office ("REBO") for tracking your independent RE business 24/7/365 days a year. As a BF VIP you will also receive additional benefits over and above the pay plan, earn REward points, and participate in RE's exciting REwards points program, and much more!

 Free Rep Opportunity: No monthly fee. $20.00 today (includes your RE Visa paycard)

As a Rep you can enroll new energy customers and earn commissions and bonuses, and can build a team of BFs and Reps.

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Commercial Funding Made Simple

"When Banks Say No, We Say Yes!"

We view things here at America Approved with three words!

  • It’s not complicated, it only takes a few minutes to start the process
  • We don’t have products, we offer solutions for your financial needs
  • Doesn’t take weeks if you have your statements ready, some cases only days
  • Our programs are designed for your needs and limitations
  • Fast response, apply now and receive a call back the same day
  • Flexible payments, based on your statements and future sales
  • Use the business cash advance for any business purpose
  • Expansion, Pay off Debt, Taxes or for Emergency funding
  • You make the intelligent decision, it’s simple. Click "Apply Now"    
© Copyright 2012. America Approved Investment Capital Funding, LLC. All rights reserved.
RE Comp Plan

Making, saving and lending money!!

Finally, a compensation plan that treats you like a Best Friend! An explosive compensation plan designed for you to be successful. The RE compensation plan is designed for people (Best Friends of RE: BFs) just like you, who are looking for a part-time, full-time or anytime income. The RE compensation plan is built to pay you today, tomorrow, and for years to come!

Many compensation plans are designed for you to fail, by having you jump through hoops and achieving and maintaining quotas just to get paid. At RE we want you to be successful from day one! By simply being active (paying your $39.95 monthly maintenance fee) you are now eligible to earn commissions on your personal sales (without recruiting a single person) as well receive a 50% Matching Bonus on anyone who you do invite to join your RE team. Note: At RE we call our people Best Friends (BFs.) And, they treated like BFs!

50% Matching Bonus!

"That's right if any of the people you bring into RE earn a fortune, you earn half a fortune!"

Daily Pay!! It's a Game Changer!!!

We know that getting paid bi-weekly or monthly makes it tough to manage your finances. No more! With your RE business you will be paid daily, as you earn. That's right; As RE gets paid, you get paid daily on your very own RE Pay Card. Imagine getting paid every day on your personal sales and your 50% Matching Bonus on all your personally sponsored Best Friend’s sales!

Every day your RE pay card will be loaded with your commissions. It’s your money and we want to get it to you fast! We want you to have gas in your car, food on your table, bills paid on time – reduce stress in your life and start living the life that you want to lead by having access to your daily cash.

You will now get to experience what its like to receive residual income. Income that you can count on for cell phone, car, rent or mortgage payments, vacations, shopping, groceries…. You’ll learn to budget your money to help you get out of debt and build your financial future by building a strong residual income with the RE and the RE Residual Program "RERP."

Here’s how this exciting wealth building program works: On your account, RE retains 25% of all commissions earned by you and then pays that amount to you over the next 12 months, guaranteeing you a monthly residual income with "RERP."

Example: If you earn $480 in commissions RE pays you $360 upfront (daily pay,) and then with "RERP" you will be paid the remaining $120 over the next 12 months equaling $10 per month! Now, think about how fast that will grow as your personal sales increase as well as your RE team of BF' grows and sales increase! Your "RERP" account will grow, grow and grow!

"Most people in MLM, direct sales or network marketing never get to experience getting a check from a company and few ever experience a true residual income from their efforts. What the "RERP" does for the RE Best Friends (BFs) is assure an income stream allowing them to fully understand and harness the power and freedom of residual income! That is the true power of leverage. Once you experience residual income you will never want to be without it!"

- Peter "PJ" Jensen, RE Founder

"RE396iclub" (income club)

Do you have what it takes to get in?

It is our goal to get you, your family and your RE Team into the exclusive RE396iclub. This Club will have its distinct advantages: You get to party like a rock star, be treated like a celebrity, go on RE Team Building trips, and receive special recognition and awards from RE. By being in the RE396iclub you have proven to be a Best Friend (BF) to RE and have proven to be a BF to your RE Team!

How do you get it in RE396iclub?

Simple, by adding up RE 24/7/365 you get 396!! This is amount of money that you must earn as a minimum with "RERP" per month. This signifies that you make at the very least $396 dollars a month (meaning you are making money 24/7/365 days a year with RE!) in residual income over a 12 consecutive month period with RE!!

At this point when your RE income reaches $396 a month, YOU will be recognized and invited into the "exclusive" RE396iclub. Then, the fun really begins. You will wine and dine with the RE 396iclub "exclusive" members and be privy to private RE396iclub meetings, private RE396iclub conference calls, coaching from the RE Ownership and corporate team, be apart of the RE "inner circle,” designated your own RE396iclub "hot-line" into the RE Corporate Office, (We call it HOME BASE,) assigned your very own RE personal concierge to help you and your RE BF teams! You learn how to take your RE business to the next level and multiply your income exponentially; You’ll be the first to hear about the new programs, products that RE will be rolling out first hand at the very "exclusive" RE396iclub meetings, getaways, and more. You will also receive the "very special" coveted his/her RE3961club customized "RE Sweat Suit,” RE396iclub T-shirts, hats, and the RE396iclub wrist band. You’ll wear it anywhere RE is! Your are a Superstar and you will be treated like one!

RE Compensation Plan

The RE Compensation Plan is simple, making it very easy for anyone to earn quickly!

#1: Once you're a Best Friend (BF) of RE and you are paying your $39.95 a month maintenance fee you are now eligible to earn commissions on all of your personal sales (without recruiting anyone,) as well receive a 50% Matching Bonus on all of your personally sponsored BFs. If they earn $500 you earn $250. It’s that easy.

#2: Level 1 BF thru Level 4 BF: Can be achieved by acquiring customers "only" or a combination of customers and BFs. This makes it easy for you to breeze through the RE comp plan allowing you to make more money.

#3: Level 5 BF thru Level 7 BF: This is the meat of the RE comp plan. If you want to start building a team of BFs, then this is where you start to earn bigger commissions with RE. By helping other BFs on your team develop their BFs on their teams you will continue to move up through the RE comp plan.

#4: Generation 1 BF Thru Generation 3 BF: This is where the big fish swim. If you want to make NFL money and have rock star status then reaching the Generation bonuses is the place to be! Think about overriding every BF on your team! You will be glad you did!

[Click to Enlarge]

© Copyright 2014 RE Services LLC. All rights reserved.

Discover successful relationship marketing

> Relationship Energy 24/7 365 <<

Relationships header  

Everyone in the United States is recommended to join "RE" for the 125% commission and easy to qualify bonuses of only 

 -50 people on team  ​= $2,500  -100 on ​your ​team   ​=​ $5,000  - 150 on your team  ​ =​ $7,500  Join "RE" today and turn $39.95 into$​390​,000.  in bonuses while making 125% commissions. Your $39.95 includes a night stay at any of the Intercontinental Hotels in North America.   ​ Be part of the largest and most lucrative industries in the World, . . .Travel, Residential and Commercial Energy and Business Loans.  Forced Matrix Team Build no sponsoring required for the above Bonuses.     ​ Click here to my link for successful Relationship Marketing Richard Simpson  Office  404-919-7545 e-Mail: Partner with Richard now! Click this link 
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Why America Approved?

We provide you with best-in-class service!

Business Cash Advance

AAICF Offers the Best Alternative to a Loan

We simplified the process to give you the flexibility and freedom to run your business. We understand your need to access available cash to keep your business strong and successful. Unlike a bank loan which requires a lengthy approval process (Ninety-five percent of all small business Bank loans today are rejected) our service is simple and fast. We are constantly striving to provide you with best-in-class service as we support your business needs. The founders of AAICF are seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds in building and owning successful businesses. Understanding the challenges associated with small business loans and the need to easily access working capital, we designed a business loan alternative that addresses many of the shortcomings associated with a traditional bank loan. Our service offers the industry's best alternative to a small business loan. We have reviewed all of the available options in the marketplace and created the best Business Cash Advance service available by offering the simplest application process, the broadest range of merchant acceptability and the highest advance volumes available. You can contact us directly to answer any questions you may have or simply click “Apply Now” and take the next three minutes to your financial freedom with your business Thank you for your interest in AAICF and we appreciate this opportunity to help your business.
© Copyright 2012. America Approved Investment Capital Funding, LLC. All rights reserved.  Visit my web site at

Earn up to Six Figure Profits Per Property

No Credit or Down Payment Required 

Overview of the OPTION BUY-BACK Strategy:

 You locate a below market, residential or commercial property, in any statefrom $100K to $10M that you can rehab and resell for a profit, When you resell our property, YOU KEEP 70% of NET PROFITS

We bring 100% of the CASH....YOU bring your skills to find, renovate and resell the property for a profit.

Richard Simpson  Office: 404-919-7545 Your ID code is 1006 to partner with Richard

Call Richard NOW at 404-919-7545

Why would I be a good Investor?



If you were standing in front of a private investor that was ready to write a $100,000 check, and he asked: "Why would I be a good investor for you?" Could you immediately rattle off a convincing answer-an answer that would get that pen moving on the signature line? If you didn't reply with a resounding yes, Then you need to get your copy of the"14 Questions Private Investors will Ask a Real Estate Entrepreneur...and How to Answer Them" Imagine the confidence you will inspire, when you can easily answer your investor's questions with well-thought out and concise answers? Can you see that investor writing you a $100,000 check, because he or she was confident that you "knew your stuff?" Dr. Richard Odessey has boiled down his 10 years of real estate investing experience in raising private money from venture capitalists and private lender to the 14 most common questions investors will ask you about you business. You need to check this out. Use this Link to Find Out How These 14 Questions Can Help You Best of Success Michelle 770-338-2797 P.S. If you would like to have the confidence that comes with knowing the answers to any question a potential investor may throw at you... Use this Link to Find Out How These 14 Questions Can Help You P.P.S. Imagine how your well thought out answers could turn a prospective investor into a money partner that's writing you a big check. Use this Link to Find Out How These 14 Questions Can Help You HomeFriend Properties, Inc. P.O. Box 491956, Lawrenceville, GA 30043-0033 Phone: 770-338-2797 Business Hours: 10:00a.m.-4:00pm Eastern Fax: 770-338-9208

9 Questions Your Rental Property Tenants are Going to Ask!

Frequently Asked Questions Tenants searching for their perfect rental home are coming to the table armed with questions to ensure that their living experience meets the expectations created by your rental property advertisement. Be prepared for their questions, or consider proactively addressing some of them during your interview process. Below are 9 questions to expect: Can I make changes to the rental home and will there be costs involved? Tenants often want to paint walls, hang pictures and make the house their home. Clearly identify what you will do for them, what expenses will be their own, and what cannot be done. Are any utilities or services covered in the cost of the rent? When creating a budget for living expenses, this is a critical expense to factor in. Help your prospective tenants by being clear about the costs. How are utilities factored? If utilities aren’t included, explain upfront how the fees are determined. Also, consider sharing the cost history of the gas, electric, water, etc… so there aren’t any surprises. How do you handle emergency repairs? No one wants to deal with a power outage at midnight on a Monday, but it’s an issue that has to be handled ASAP. Share your emergency process with your tenants. Under what circumstance would you enter my rental home without notice? Inform your tenant of your process for notice prior to entering the home, whether it’s a minor air filter change, smoke detector check, or replacing an appliance. Can I sublet the rental home? In the event that your tenant needs to move out before their lease is up, they may ask if subletting is the only way to avoid breaking the lease. Are there plans to make any updates to the property? If improvements are being made, then tenants may have to deal with construction. Be sure and explain how updates could add to the amenities, enjoyment and appeal of your rental home. Under what circumstances would you not refund my security deposit? Be specific with your rules regarding the deposit and explain that the move out condition of the home should be similar to its condition during move in. What kinds of safety precautions are taken for the rental home? Your tenant’s safety should be a top concern. Take security seriously and be open and honest about the measures that are in place to give them peace of mind. Be sure to provide your tenants answers to all of their questions before signing a lease. This will help ensure a great living experience and hopefully a long-term renter
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