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Your Partner to Success

NO Income Required
We DO NOT require a Credit Check or a Credit score!


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Attention all who want to make money on line

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Tax Preparation, Planning and IRS Problem Resolution

 We prepare tax returns for individuals, non-profit organizations, estates and trusts and businesses.

 Some of the type of tax returns we prepare include sales tax returns, payroll tax returns, franchise tax returns, state income tax returns and IRS tax returns, including Forms 1040, 1065, 1120, 1120-S, 940, 941, 990, 1041 and 706.

We also offer tax planning  and IRS problem resolution services.  The goal of tax planning is to organize your affairs in a way that will enable you to minimize your tax burden, ensuring that you don't pay the government one red cent more than you have to.   If you have unfiled, prior year tax returns, or you have a delinquent or disputable balance with the IRS, we can affordably help you resolve your IRS issues.


Whether you have 1 employee or 1,000, we can process your payroll.  Our service is affordable and our process is simple.   We'll setup your company and all of your employees in our automated payroll system.  Then, every pay period, simply email or fax your employee's time sheets.  We'll process the payroll, cut the payroll checks and make the direct deposits into your employee's bank accounts.   We also handle all of your state and federal tax deposits, as well as all quarterly and yearly tax reports, including W-2s and 1099s. Contact Richard at 404-919-7545 today for a quote on your payroll service needs. 

Get Total Take Over Marketing plans for FREE

Before being able to see the content of this page please Like my page on Facebook :


Before being able to see the content of this page please Like my page on Facebook :

Common Mistakes to Avoid on Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with your customers and generate traffic to your website and physical store location—but it can also quickly alienate if used incorrectly. I’ve put together a list of the common mistakes small businesses make on social media—and how you can avoid them. 
  • Insensitivity
You want to promote your business and commemorate a national holiday, or day that’s significant to the country. That’s ok, but make sure you do it respectfully. There are certain days, such a 9/11, 12/7 (Pear Harbor day), Memorial Day, etc. that need to be treated with extra care if you want to make a social media post. For many Americans, those days are a sad and/or thoughtful day of reflection, and any social media posts you make should take that into consideration.  Being too flippant, or too self promotional in a post geared towards commemorating a sad day in American history is a social media mistake to avoid.
  • Using Controversial Humor
You want your social media channels to reflect the personality and humor you inject to your business—that’s great, and something I encourage. However, sometimes jokes can be taken too far—and in the online world, mistakes never really go away. Be sure you’re respectful of everyone on social media posts, and don’t make jokes about race, religion, politics—these are subjects that are easy to offend people, and you may inadvertently find yourself subject to a viral campaign against your business if you go too far with a post.
  • Spamming
You’re having a great sale and you want people to know about it—so you post about it on social media…and you keep posting about it…and keep posting about it. Nothing will turn your customers off easier than spamming their newsfeed with the same post or content over and over. Your customers absolutely want to hear about any sales or offers you’re having, but if you post multiple times a day, every day about the same thing—you’ll lose your audience quickly.
  • Not Posting Enough
If you only post once a month or less, your audience won’t be engaged with your content—even if it’s incredibly valuable and informative. Try to post at least once a week, with content that is engaging to your followers. This can be as simple as a funny photo you liked, your opening hours for the week, or any sales/promotions you have on at the moment. The point is your followers will be used to seeing your content in their feed, and more readily engage with you.
  • Using the wrong account
Having a separate social media account for your business is essential. However, mistakes occur when you post from the wrong account. There have been numerous instances over the past few years, where a social media professional has been fired because they accidentally posted something to the corporate account they were managing rather than to their private. Why is this such a big deal? We’re a lot more informal, and sometimes offensive to our friends, than we are to potential clients. You may have no problem letting your social media circle know your political beliefs on your personal account—but if you accidentally post to your business account—you may alienate or offend a large portion of your customers. Always be sure which account you’re posting to, don’t take any chances. Social media is a great tool to promote your business—and hopefully you can avoid these common mistakes, and fully realize social media’s potential to help you grow your business. Check out my business page on Facebook and give me a LIKE! Please let me know if there is anything I can do to be of help.   Your Partner for Success, Richard Simpson e-Mail:  Direct Line: 404-788-4420  

Unsecured Business Credit Lines up to $150,000

Business Credit Lines up to $150,000

Low Interest Rates 
As low as 6.99% for FULL DOC applicants. As low as 8.99% for STATED INCOME applicants.
No collateral All products
no doc or full doc, are unsecured. We do not collateralize or lien against any work equipment, commercial property, or personal property.
No Restrictions
   use All our credit lines can be used same as cash. We do not burden our clients with vendor credit lines (I.E. BP credit lines, Office Depot credit lines, Staples credit lines).
No Doc or Full Doc
We have products that tailor to how established your business is. If your business is a start up, we have No Doc products available. If your business is established and showing profit, we have full doc products available.
Funding in as little as 15 days
Quick approvals for stated income applicants
720+ Credit score Needed No Income Verification for Start-ups.
Lines will not report to the personal credit bureaus
Drawing these credit lines will not affect your debt/credit ratio, thereby sheltering your personal credit for personal necessities (auto loans, mortgages, student loans, personal credit cards).
Richard Simpson
The Hard Money Guy
Office  404-919-7545 e-Mail:  My web site:

NO Credit Score, NO income, NO Doc Investorloans

Investor Rehab loans to 100% of Total Project Cost /70% ARV

Transactional Funding Investor loans offering Simultaneous Purchase

Jumbo refinance with No Equity? No Problem!

Questions?  Call Richard Simpson 404-919-7545

No Equity? No Problem!

 Our special program can increase the equity in your property and reduce your monthly payments by as much as 50% FAST! Your ID code is 1006 for either Commercial or Residential

Our special program is now available in ALL 50 states and has helped thousands of people just like you reduce their monthly mortgage payments and take their propertyfrom being a money-losing liability to an investment-worthy ASSET! Your ID code is 1006 for either Commercial or Residential

  • Loan Payoff and Refinancing in as little as 2 weeks!
  • Keep your property and drastically reduce your total debt!
  • Gain thousands of dollars in equity!
  • ABSOLUTELY No Hidden Fees or deposits required

IF you can answer Yes to any of the following Richard Simpson can help you TODAY:

  • Are you current on your payments, but have no equity or are upside down?
  • Do you have an impending balloon payment, and can’t get refinanced?
  • Coming out of pocket every month to support the payment on your income property?
  • Do you need to LOWER your debt and REDUCE your monthly payments?
  • Are you just plain old tired of owing more than your property is worth and you want to do something about it?

How We Work!

 When you come to us expect to have things move very quickly! Our team is comprised of seasoned experts who specialize in buying luxury mortgages from the banks in bulk and passing the savings off to you.

CASH is KING and we have lots of it!!

What’s in it for YOU:

  • Keep your good credit (No strategic defaults or foreclosure)
  • Keep FULL OWNERSHIP of your property
  • Immediately GAIN equity in your property
  • Reduce your monthly mortgage payments by up to 50%!!
  • Insure your property is a POSITIVE investment

 What’s in it for US:

  • Our real-estate portfolio grows and this allows us to leverage the value of our thousands of properties to buy more real-estate. 
  • We purchase mortgages at a discount so we profit by buying in bulk
  • We only work with clients with good-to-great credit so we are never in fear of our clients defaulting

Jumbo loan for borrowers with credit scores under 500 are available here.

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