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Your Partner to Success

NO Income Required
We DO NOT require a Credit Check or a Credit score!


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OurMission2Good Friend Mortgage now offers Non-Prime loans with only 10% down
 + NO mortgage

  • Up to 90% LTV/CLTV
  • Down to 680 score
  • 80% LTV with a 580 score
  • No mortgage insurance
  • 2 years out of short sale or foreclosure
  • Loans to $2.4+ million (Ask Richard Simpson 404-919-7545  for higher loan amount exception)

24-48 hours in Underwriting

Keys to new home

How to Get Funding to Flip Houses

Become a Real Estate investor in the residential real estate market to have financial freedom for you and your family.   
You will need to be flexible, fast and smart to profit in the Flip House or rental income market.   

I will be your mentor and the lender who can keep out of trouble.  Whether you have a flip or a rental, need to purchase
 or refi, Stiforp, LLC has the NO DOC (income & assets on verified) loans that enable you the investor to profit and prosper. 

We are now introducing our new Rental-360 loan. 

  • It offers you 30 year terms. 
  • Fully amortizing. 6.9% rates. 
  • 75% LTVs.

Learn more at this link:

  Richard Simpson's Flipping houses tips.  

How to Get Funding to Flip Houses

In a perfect World you have some capital set aside to flip houses.  However, you can also use other people's money to flip houses and use only a fraction of your own money.

This strategy is called using "Hard Money."  Hard Money Lenders issue short-term loans for rehabbing houses.

Getting a hard money loan is easier than getting a loan from a bank. There is less paperwork and your credit history is not as big of a factor. Often you can receive the funds in 48 to 72 hours.

Some Hard Money Lenders issue “No Doc” loans. They do not check your credit. They do not look at your income.  However, a No-Doc lender requires a larger down payment than most other Hard Money Lenders. 

Keep in mind this is a brief overview of how “Hard Money” works.  Every Hard Money Lender has its own terms, conditions, and policies. Each state has its unique laws, rules, and regulations.

The Best Properties for Hard Money Loans

Fix Flip HeaderWhen you’re looking for a hard money loan to purchase a home, there are some properties that you’ll be better off borrowing on than others – but how do you know what types of homes to shoot for?

The Best Properties for Hard Money Loans


While every hard money lender is different, your best bet is to look for properties that are more likely to be approved and
are more likely to help you turn a profit.   Here’s what you should look for:

  • Homes that have more than two bedrooms. Houses that have more than two bedrooms are generally easier to sell than those with one or two – and you’ll be doing yourself a favor if you search for roomier houses to rehab and flip.
  • Homes that are larger than about 900 square feet. Small homes are only right for a tiny portion of homebuyers, but mid-sized homes are good for a large number of people. You’ll be better off buying a more spacious home to fix up and flip than a small one because your potential buyer pool is a lot bigger.
  • Homes without structural damage. Not only are cracked foundations and waterlogged roofs tough to fix, they’re expensive – and you might not get as much of a return on your investment as you’d like if you undertake such a huge overhaul.
  • Homes away from popular rental areas. If a community is filled with rental properties, the subsequent values of the properties there are probably lower than what you could find in areas with high home-ownership levels. It’s often best to stick to areas where people own the majority of the homes rather than rent them to tenants.

Need a Hard Money Loan?

If you’ve already found the perfect property, i
t’s time to talk money.

Call Richard Simpson: 404-919-7545

WE HAVE THE EXPERIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY TO HELP YOU GROW YOUR BUSINESS.  Questions?  Call Richard Simpson 404-919-7545 or e-Mail:

From enterprise POS systems to plain old credit card terminals, we provide the most cost effective payment processing solutions on the market today.

FREE QUOTE  For a customized quote, fax your monthly statement to Business Payment Services FAX: 1-678-262-3595. A new business? call Richard Simpson 

Call 1-404-919-7545 for a fast and efficient payment processing set up.


Clover POS Station  Enterprise Ready

The Clover Station and its entourage from bluesquare solutions will propel your business forward with innovative design, easy operation and 24/7 support.

Hot Sauce POS
Designed for the restaurant industry, the Hot Sauce POS combines state of the art technology with old school usability.
Hot Sauce POS when fully customized is THE perfect solution for medium-sized to large restaurants.


Need a POS solution with a small footprint? We offer an array of simple solutions to fit your business goals.

WIRELESS EMV CARD TERMINALS  Satellite or SIM card communication.

Our wireless EMV card terminals travels well, connecting to the network either via a satellite uplink or GSM cellular connection.
Now you own the power to accept mobile payments in the field.

PCI-compliant terminals 

feature fully capable EMV chip card technology with a secure connection to a LAN network.
They look sleek, fit in your hand and mitigate your fraud liability all at the same time.



Contact us for detailed information on receiving your merchant cash advance today!
We can fund up to 200% of your monthly billing volume in as little as three days.


  • We take pride in offering transparency and accountability.
    We provide rates up front and no “junk” fees.
    We believe we offer the best solutions, service, equipment and support.  
    It’s all here at Business Payment Services.

    Our Interchange plus rates will NEVER change and we guarantee you’ll receive the lowest possible processing solutions to meet your business needs on the market. And of course, we can customize your pricing and billing options.


    Our flat billing passes the cost of processing along to the card holder. A tiny surcharge is added to each credit card transaction. Your result? A a flat rate payment processing bill that remains the same every month. Saving you money, the smart way.


    Don’t accept American Express because it’s cost prohibitive? Well now you can. We offer you our Opt-Blue pricing program so you can accept American Express at under 2% with NO monthly fee.


    Questions?  Call Richard Simpson 404-919-7545 or e-Mail:

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