Good Friend Mortgage is looking for virtual Mortgage Loan Originators

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Good Friend Mortgage is looking for
virtual Mortgage Loan Originators

  • No requirement of going to the Office, Work At Home.censed in Florida, and Georgia, with Home Office in Alpharetta Georgia.
  • Pay highest Commission Splits in Industry, dependent on Loan Production.
  • We are both a lender and a Broker, giving us the privilege of super good training with, Debbie Switts, the best Mortgage Motivation Coach in Metro Atlanta.  Plus extremely good marketing team  providing both purchase and refinance loan leads.
  • Good Friend Mortgage will close loans that most banks cannot close.
  • Please Contact: Richard Simpson,
    Good Friend Mortgage, 404-788-4420

Atlanta Real Estate Market is Growing!


     Atlanta Is Growing!

 Grow with Richard at Good Friend Mortgage!

Job growth and low unemployment has led to the Atlanta market being rated #5 in the U.S. to purchase a home or investment property!HomeVestors and Local Market Monitor recently identified the ten best markets for real estate investors  for the first quarter of 2016 based on cities with increased job opportunities in the last year.

 According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report April 6, 2016,  Total nonfarm employment for the Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell, Ga. Metropolitan Statistical Area stood at 2,606,500 in February 2016, an increase of 72,500, or 2.9 percent, from a year ago today.” The national average being 1.9%

Grow with Richard at Good Friend Mortgage!

Good Friend Mortgage has a variety of options to choose from to meet your home purchasing needs. Call Richard  404-919-7545 today and see how we can help you and your family flourish with a
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Branch NMLS#: 160318

Unexpected Home Improvements That Pay Off

It may be overwhelming to look at your house from a buyer’s perspective and see all of the potential upgrades you could make. Then you start adding up the price tags. How do you know what may be worth your investment for a good return? Here are five home improvements that buyers typically love. The numbers speak for themselves.

1. Bathrooms are the Best

A mid-range bathroom remodel is on average one of the easiest ways to get the most for your money. Mid-range means $3,000 to replace the toilet, light fixtures, maybe add a new or double sink. If you have a bit leftover you can even update the wallpaper. On average, according to Zillow Talk, a bathroom remodel of this type results in a $1.71 increase in home value for every $1.00 spent on the project.

Photo via home on Zillow. Click to see on Zillow Digs.


2. Pay Attention to the Attic

Adding fiberglass attic insulation is the only renovation that gets more than a 100 percent return on your investment according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2016 data. With a national average investment of just over $1,200, the recoup is around $1,482, a 116.9% return. If you’re willing to go all-out, converting attics into bedroomsis another particularly popular project that also offers a high return, as much as 84.3 percent. Even better? If you have exposed brick, play it up in your listing and you could get nearly 5% above the expected listing price and sell your house 36 days faster.

Photo via home on Zillow. Click to see it on Zillow Digs.


3. Spiff Up the Front Entrance

U.S. News reports that something as simple as updating the front door, be it painting or installing a new one, can bring the highest return of nearly any project: 96.6 percent. Adding stone veneer around the bottom of the house, either to replace a few layers of siding or to cover an exposed foundation, is another worthwhile investment. Though the cost is a bit steep, at around $7,500, the return is at 92.9 percent and the added curb appeal of a clean front entrance could bring even more money overall.

Photo via home on Zillow. Click to see on Zillow Digs.


4. Make Minor Kitchen Updates

Since kitchens are so high on the priority list of most potential buyers, it is a worthwhile place to invest money.Zillow Talk estimates minor kitchen remodel could recoup 83.1 percent of your costs. Anything dated is a big turn-off for buyers, and even small updates can have big payoffs. Simply swapping out kitchen cabinet hardware can take years off a dated kitchen.

Photo via home on Zillow. Click to see on Zillow Digs.


5. Replace the Garage Door

While the front door is a no-brainer for the financial return, a garage door replacement is a bit more of an investment for sellers. But the return is high, according to Remodeling Magazine, and you can’t put a price on curb appeal. With an average cost of $1,652 nationwide, the return was 91.5 percent, or $1,512. If replacing feels overwhelming, a fresh coat of paint or stain to cover all those nicks can do wonders.

Photo via Tuckahoe Creek Construction, Inc. Click to see on Zillow Digs.


6. Update Exterior Siding

Engineered siding might not seem like a particularly fun home improvement project to embark on, but updating it is a 78.6 percent return on your investment. While the initial investment is hefty, Remodeling Magazine puts it at an average of nearly $14,000, you’ll recoup about $10,866 in selling price. Vinyl siding is a bit less of an initial investment, but the payoff also drops, to about a 73.2 percent return.

To learn more about how I can help your clients finance the perfect  “Dream Home” to be happy, grow and thrive, simply  fill out an GFM EZ application form at my GFM web site

Use gift funds for your 3% Down Payment with GFM

Call Richard now 404-919-7545

Call Richard now 404-919-7545


Investor Access – No Income Qualifying Non-Owner Occupied

Key to the lock

Investor Access – No Income Qualifying

Non-Owner Occupied

Purchase  –  R/T  –  Cash Out

Easy Underwrite – Collateral based

No Limit on Cash Out Amount

Loan Amounts 125k to 2M

Unlimited Properties

SFR, 2-4s & Condos

No Tax Returns

No Paystubs

No 4506-T

No W2s



               This Will Generate New Business           

                            640 Score to 70LTV      700 Score to 75LTV


                          Great Solution for Foreign Nationals

       Your RE Agents have buyers who need this

            You have past/current clients who need this

                               Purchase and Refi – Cash out OK


  • Non-Prime Standard – Your Solution to Agency Fall-out

   30 Fixed & 5/1 ARM

                  90LTV No MI w/ 680 

                  85LTV No MI w/660

     80LTV w/ a 580

      Min FICO = 500

                  Only 1 day Seasoning on Foreclosure & Short Sale –

                  Only 1 day seasoning on BK 

      ALT DOC – 24 month bank statement option (FTHB not allowed)

   Up to 20 Financed Properties


  • Call Richard 404-919-7545
    Or e-Mail  richard@goodfriend with your scenarios
7545 for your loan approval.

Call Richard 404-919-7545 for your loan approval.

NMLS# 1068719 GRMA# 38328 Georgia Residential Mortgage Licensee# 18978
 Branch NMLS#: 160318


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