One of a kind original ceramic sculpture Art for Sale

One of a kind ceramic sculpture by the late LuAnne Tackett.  View at The Board of Trade, Roswell,1078 Alpharetta St., GA 30075

Self-examination and introspection are key elements to all of the Art created by LuAnne Tackett. The idea of looking “within” is what creates a sense of connection between the Artist, the Art and the viewer. Often, people seeing her work for the first time, experience a feeling of “I know where you’re coming from”. This universality pervades all of her work, in every medium that she chose to express herself in. She would often describe the viewing experience as a dance between artist and viewer. A cooperative effort, where the experience of the viewer and Artist intersect. Sadly, LuAnne passed away in 2016.

These pieces are the only ones remaining in the collection. Each one is special. Each one connects in a different way, with the viewer. All are available.

a REAL HARD MONEY LENDER that will focus on the property’s LTV

We are truly a REAL HARD MONEY LENDER that will focus on the property’s LTV and not on your credit or income. Contact me to set up an appointment for us to go over your real estate project at (404-788-4420) or forward your my below e-mail

All we require is your fully completed signed application along with interior (ALL rooms) and exterior pics of the property to review for an LOI.

· Purchase or Refinance

· Seller carry to 100% CLTV A-ok

· 50-55% LTV Commercial

· 60% LTV residential

· Any credit score accepted

Richard Simpson, Your Professional Business Finance Advisor

Stiforp, LLC, Duluth, GA / Direct 404-788-4420 /


Personal or business LOC or Equipment/Vehicle Leasing loan application Online Form

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Stiforp/TFG Products:  What we do for you

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Stiforp/TFG Products:
  What we do for you is Cash installment loans and traditional Lines of Credit.
We do both personal and business loans but clients always need good personal credit.
These are usually at single-digit interest rates with low monthly payments.

  • No cost to you until you have access to your funds.
  • Can work for start-up’s, existing businesses, unique projects, real estate.. etc
  • Doesn’t hurt your credit to learn your options and most clients have HIGHER scores after funding.
  • → Click here and FILL OUT our application for more info.

By far the most utilized because of its ease and quickness we can get people 25-300k in cash loans. We wil  deposit cash in your bank account and you have a fixed monthly payment for 2-7 years. Individual loan amounts go up to 100k each w/ rates ranging from 6-30%,
combine multiple for maximum funding. Remember:

  • 650 MIN score, higher scores needed for most money.
  • You can choose between installment (cash loans) and lines of credit.
  • No Business revenue or business entity needed.
  • No CPN or built files.(must use real social security number and have real primary accounts) → Click here and 
  • Can be in Business or Personal name but all require a personal guarantee and always easier in a personal name.
  • →→ Click here and FILL OUT our application for more info.  OF CRED
  • Get access to lines of credit that only cost you interest when you are using them.
    Not Credit Cards, come in amounts up to 50k each usually in the 7-12% range.
  • Remember:
  • 680+ credit score needed, higher scores get more.
  • No Business revenue or business entity needed.
  • Can be in Business or Personal name but all require a personal guarantee.
    credit can go up to 500k each and have monthly payments. Rates start at 6% and go much higher depending on strength of borrower and company.
  • Need business revenue to a business bank account of 10k/mth or more
  • With scores 500-620, expect daily payments and higher rates with terms of less than 1 year.  With scores over 620, rates from 6-20% are possible, with weekly or monthly payments.  
    Click here and FILL OUT our application for more info.” SBALoans under 350k are easier to get now but go to 5MM. Even better, I can tell you if you are in the ballpark for one of these loans by filling out the form below.  Remember:
    650+ personal score needed.
    No losses on tax returns last 2 years
    Best for existing businesses.  Loans can be for almost all types of properties, multi-family, commercial, retail, SFH, etc. NO INCOME VERIFICATION NEEDED.
    Fill out Click here and FILL OUT our application
  •  Richard Simpson, Professional Finance Advisor 
  • Stiforp, LLC 

Direct phone:  404-788-4420


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