One of a kind original ceramic sculpture Art for Sale

One of a kind ceramic sculpture by the late LuAnne Tackett.  View at The Board of Trade, Roswell,1078 Alpharetta St., GA 30075

Self-examination and introspection are key elements to all of the Art created by LuAnne Tackett. The idea of looking “within” is what creates a sense of connection between the Artist, the Art and the viewer. Often, people seeing her work for the first time, experience a feeling of “I know where you’re coming from”. This universality pervades all of her work, in every medium that she chose to express herself in. She would often describe the viewing experience as a dance between artist and viewer. A cooperative effort, where the experience of the viewer and Artist intersect. Sadly, LuAnne passed away in 2016.

These pieces are the only ones remaining in the collection. Each one is special. Each one connects in a different way, with the viewer. All are available.

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